Get packaging-free and vegan groceries delivered to your home

You also want to do your part to improve the environment. You prefer to do your shopping with little or even no waste; vegetarian or even vegan; and Dutch or even local. The combination was not that easy, but now all three can be done at the door! Order from Verpakkings Vrij Vegan and buy the groceries that you otherwise have in a lot of plastic from our cargo bike every week.

 Verpakkings Vrij Vegan is not a webshop but a weekly shop in a cargo bike. It is however necessary to order the soy drink, soyghurt and vegan cheese (the short shelf life products) online so that we know where to drive and how much of it to take with us. The products with a long shelf life are for sale at the door and can be reserved online to be sure. See here for a longer explanation of how it works.

 For the time being Verpakkings Vrij Vegan only supplies to the municipalities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen and Ouder-Amstel; if you pass it on here together with your neighbors, we will also quickly get to your hometown!

April 26th: from now on you can order! Place your order on May 11 the latest to get your local, green and delicious groceries during the first derlivery round at May 14 and 15.

We have technical issues with the weekly orders and are working hard to resolve them. In the meantime, you can order per week. Orders that you place no later than 11 May will therefore be delivered in the very first delivery round 14 or 15 May!