Wilder-Land has been convinced that in an economy where “recovery” is a key element. As we draw to the earth from. Most of the herbs that we drink as herbal tea are growing in the Netherlands for years. However, almost all of the herbal teas that are available in stores from abroad, often from outside of Europe. So why not do it here in the Netherlands it to work? That will save many, many miles of transportation, it is a good for our English countryside and deliver a delicious tea. A Win-win-win!!!

Due to the herbs (or weeds) next to the edges of cultivated fields and pasture, will give us back probabilities to organism like bees and butterflies. Together with the farmers we recover with this program the biodiversity in the Netherlands. The more of the herbs (or weeds), we are sowing seeds for the farmers, the greater the number of bees and the birds are back in the Netherlands. In the meantime, enjoy your delicious tea! We only work with the herbs that grow well in the Dutch countryside. A few examples include chamomile, nettle, plantain, dandelion, yarrow, cornflower, and much, much more. A piece of the herbs that are healthy for people and nature

Most of the herbs are from the Netherlands, but, unfortunately not all. At this point, it is the production of a Wilder-Land is not yet high enough for a whole year, They will buy the remaining as much as possible out of the Netherlands, and in any event in Europe.

Wilder-Land is a high quality product and the expansion of very good go hand in hand. This improves the earth!

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