Vegan Bear Chef

The Vegan Bear Chef, Gabriele, an Italian vegan Chef in Amsterdam. He wants to show that the vegan lifestyle is not that difficult to do, and people will be inspired by the vegetable-based recipes. He indulges us with his cheese and a selection of ready-to-eat meals.

About his cheese:

If there is an especially difficult food to come out of the diet is to remove the cheese! And if we can do that, you go to them very much be missed! In grocery stores and vegan stores, Gabriele has never found a cheese that is sustainable, ethical, at a good price but is really good!

His cheeses are not to cashew nuts, but the fruit: with cashew nuts is so much better, or be more eco-friendly than it is on the basis of a diary, this is even better.

We verkopen elke week de vegan kaas van Vegan Bear Chef, naast afwisselend de vegan kazen van Yerba and Watson.

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