Terms and conditions

1 introduction

1.1. These general terms and conditions (the "terms and Conditions") apply when you're shopping orders and/or buy it for the Verpakkings Vrij Vegan. The General terms and Conditions will apply to your use of our website www.VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl, orders/bookings you make with us, the product you purchase from our bike and any and all other products and services that we offer.

1.2 The General terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of the Verpakkings Vrij Vega, B. V., located at the Rijswijkstraat 75, 1062, THERE Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 82151954 (‘Verpakkings Vrij Vegan", "we", "our", " us " or "our"). The agreement is between you and the Verpakkings Vrij Vegan, where these Terms and Conditions are a part of it, is governed by the laws of the Netherlands. 

1.3 We may be in the General terms and Conditions change. The amended Terms and Conditions will go into effect as soon as it is online, are modified, and a new order is placed. With a standing order to go in, once you are informed, and a four week period has expired.

 2 Products

2.1 the website, we are offering our products. Current prices are listed on the product at the time of purchase, and will be visible or may be obtained from the bike. Verpakkings Vrij Vegan does its best to ensure the website is as accurate and complete as possible, but cannot be held responsible or liable for any errors, for example, a very low price.

2.2 If there is a price applies to a ‘special Price’), this will be shown on the site and shall apply as long as the stock lasts or as long as the specified program is on the website. It may be that, for a discount to additional terms and conditions may apply, if this is the case then this will be mentioned on the site. If it is an "ON sale" in the process, the action until the final product is no longer available.

2.3 the order delivery will be calculated depending on the total amount of money you spend.

3         Website account

3.1 Before you make a purchase order with the Verpakkings Vrij Vegan can make it on the web site in a user account. If you have an account, you must be at least 18 years of age. It is only allowed to have one account in your own name.

3.2 When you create your account, provide you a variety of your personal data. You alone are responsible for entering the correct information and be up-to-date. You can change your data will always change on your account, if there are any changes to be made.

3.3 Privacy is important to us! Therefore, it may be that your details with care and will be processed. If you want to find out what we're doing, this can be found in our Privacy policy.

3.4 It is important that you have the log in details that you can choose in your profile to keep secret, to yourself, that there is no abuse that can be made from your account profile. The use of your profile, you are responsible for them. We shall not be liable to you for any damages that you might incur, for example, by incorrect or unauthorized use of your account. Only in the case that the damage was caused by circumstances which are attributable, we may, perhaps, be liable to be kept in mind.   

4 Agreement

4.1 When you're shopping orders, a contract is established with Verpakkings Vrij Vegan, including an obligation to pay. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. 

4.2 If delivery is due to your fault (for example you are not able to) may not be able to continue if you are still getting the short shelf-life products, and the related call-out charge will be due. The long-lasting products that can be used on a later date, still to be provided, whether or not combined, in with the new items.

5            Delivery

5.1. The Verpakkings Vrij Vegan cargo bike on the number of days past several districts/cities and towns/villages in the region. In order to change for a period of time, the ones that we do in your home to provide it. It is not possible to get your product to someone other than the front of your residence available for periods of time, delivered to you. For the latest periods of time, to the appropriate regional format, please refer to our web site.

5.2 We will send you, in advance, for an estimated time of when we expect you to be. It may always be affected by unexpected turns of events, and we'll try to be as responsive as possible to inform them. However, We are not responsible for any subsequent deliveries.

5.3. In the event of force majeure, we may not be able to provide. This is what we will as soon as possible to let you know and put together to go in search of the best solution for you. The products that you get out of your debt is not supplied, will do, of course, you do not have to pay for it.

5.4 You can make it part of the day, so choose it, and we will make the delivery time will know. We're going to have so that you do not tell us wrong. If it so happens that you're still missing out on, then we can provide to you, unfortunately, no products, unless prior arrangements have been made with the after hours delivery and/or in the klaargezette jars or ice-box to deliver. In that case, do you make the online payment of short-shelf-life products, and associated travel expenses will be due.

5.5 Verpakkings Vrij Vegan only in some of them. If you live outside of these communities, you can, unfortunately, do not order from us. If necessary, the form of the most frequently asked questions in order to be informed if you have or can buy.

6         Payment

6.1 You have to pay for the short-shelf-life products, and may make an advance payment of travel expenses easily and conveniently on the website via one of the payment methods such as SEPA debit, paypal or credit card.

6.2. The remainder of the amount due must be made on the spot, when the atm is to be paid. It accepts, including pin, contactless payments, and is the most well-known credit cards.

6.3, It may be that you have a voucher code you received it. This code represents a particular value, and that value can also be used to make the payment to do so. If the value of this voucher code cannot be fully covered for your order, please choose the other one of the other payment methods.

7         Complaints 

7.1, of Course, we hope that you enjoy our products and services. If that is not the case, please let us know! In view of the package-free-delivery of the products, Verpakkings Vrij Vegan is, it is not possible for the products to be returned. 

7.2 If the product does not conform to the requirements of your normal, this may be expected and you can get your money back. Please let us know info@VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl and then we'll look for the best solution for you.

7.3 it does not Go as expected, and that's still not resolved? You are always welcome to file a complaint by sending a message to: info@VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl.

7.4 In the event of a complaint, take it as soon as possible and in any event within 7 days of the receipt of your complaint by e-mail.

8          Intellectual property rights

8.1, We pride ourselves on our pages. The site's intellectual property rights. Think of our logo and images, but also of the underlying software, text, videos, and other areas of the site or the services. You are not allowed to be just, to make use of this material, or any information, or any parts thereof without our express permission, you are prompted to. That also applies to any disclosure, copying, or editing. This is not the case if you need it for personal use, it does.

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