Meet Jack

We know that a lot of people want to reduce the amount of meat to eat. There seems to be an endless wave of new products to come out of them dreaming of becoming a famous meat alternative has to be made. But it is still searching for a plant-based ingredient that can truly satisfy the hunger for flesh-eating people, it's still on the floor.

In Haarlem does Meet Jack develops delicious meat-successors of young jackfruit. Jackfruit is the world's largest and most fleshy fruit with the texture of the world. It's growing very, very fast, and has very little water and no pesticides or chemicals are needed. If you are using the right spice mix, is that it has the power to please the meat lovers, vegetarians and the vegans.
Jackfruitbomen can be as much as 200 jackfruits a year to produce. The more jackfruit you get out of the tree, pick the more it grows. Currently, about 1/3 of the jackfruit are not consumed, so farmers are cutting down trees. People are more jackfruit-to-eat, we are helping the farmers to make money from the crops. Jackfruitbomen re-energise at the turn of the ground water, and thus contribute to the reforestation, and boslandbouwinspanningen in the area. This is why jackfruit is considered an environmentally friendly material.
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