Vegan Cheese

The most delicious vegan cheeses, all made in Amsterdam or Duivendrecht!

We sell in one week the vegan cheeses of Mr. and Mrs. Watson and the other week the vegan cheeses of Yerba. Both are based on cashews: this is the most populair base for good vegan cheeses, as it replicates or even improves on most the creamy taste of a cow's milk cheese.. In addition, it is also a lot better than the climate, and other environmental impacts than that of milk.

We combine this with the cheese of Vegan Bear Chefit is made out of vegetables; it differs more from what most people are used to, but it is no less delicious. In addition, this is an even more eco-friendly than that of the cashew nuts.

The schedule is as follows:

Order-from – Delivery – Which of the cheeses

27 jan t/m 2 feb – 4 of 5 feb – Mr. and Mrs. Watson and Vegan Bear Chef.

3 t/m 9 feb – 11 of 12 feb – Yerba and Vegan Bear Chef.

Daarna verkopen we helaas geen vegan kaas meer.

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