Privacy policy

We, Verpakkings Vrij Vega B.V., are in charge of the processing of your personal data for the purposes of the General data Protection Regulation (AVG). It is also known as the English name GDPR.

What is personal data?

Personal data will tell us something about yourself. The most well-known personal name, (e-mail)address, age or date of birth. You have a bank account, phone number, and your IP address to be personal data.

On the basis of which we process your personal data?

We can use your data as little as possible and only when we have a legal ‘basis’ to do so. That will be one of the following reasons:

* Agreement. We will have your details to be necessary for the conclusion of the contract, so that we know who placed the order.

* Legal obligation. We need your personal data to capture, and for a certain time to save. Other organisations may require details. Just think of the Tax authorities or law enforcement agencies. If we are under a duty then shall we do with the information.

* The justified interest is that of Verpakkings Vrij Vegan or any other party. We may disclose your data if we or any of our partners, there is a ‘legitimate interest’ to do. This means that we need a balance to be struck between the importance of this and privacy, and to make this legal, can be evaluated. This is a rather broad and vague, to provision it, so for a couple of examples:

· We are committed to maintaining the property, and details from you to us and from others – for example, if there is any question regarding the cost.

· * A portion of your order is not available, or have purchased a product affected by this recall.

We will keep you informed of any changes in our product range, the products, and/or the terms and conditions.

We want to make our records, and processes in an efficient manner. We continuously update our systems, services, and manufacturing, and consistently, making use of the service, and to conduct a statistical study. We do this to provide our services to you, and to optimize it. To do this, we use the general rule, of course, non-personally identifiable visitor information.

· We can study them to perform if you are satisfied with our services. Also, if you get feedback and have made, or have a complaint submitted to your order, and purchase history.

* Other purposes. We may use the information in the exceptions will also be used for any purpose other than that which you do this to us, I have been given. For this purpose, it must be compatible with the purpose for which you have given to it, but nevertheless, it is legally still a bit unclear.

· There must be a clear link to the purpose for which you have been given

· it should be less sensitive data.

· it needs to be in your favor, or at the very least, not to the detriment of his.

we have to give our best to you and your data, as well as to protect, for example, by annonimisatie, it, or encryption.

The other parties to use your data on our behalf

In order to have a great service to the work we do together, other companies who help us. We may disclose your information not just to them. We are from the companies very carefully and speak clearly, how they are using your web server and submit it in the contract. We will continue to be solely responsible for your information.

An anonymized string created from your email address (also called a hash) can be sent to the Gravatar service if you use it. The privacy policy page of the Gravatar service can be found here: After your comment is approved, your profile picture will be publicly visible in the context of your comment.


We would like to inform you about our adventures, and new products. We do this, among other things, by the newsletter service. You can do this, sign in, both when ordering, or as a standalone. The sending of the newsletter may be, we have to distinguish between the recipients, who may or may not be signed in order to be at their place of residence are going to deliver, and for customers to place of residence. You can at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter at the bottom of each posted version.

 Please let me know when there is delivery at my place.

The most frequently asked questions you can sign up to be notified when we are in your place of residence brings in. If you are you have no way to sign in, you will only be notified if this is the case, and not to receive information from us. You do not want to be notified? Can you unsubscribe to e-mail us at

 The use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes

We would like to inform you about our products and other similar products and services that we offer that may be suitable for you. This is what we do when you are visiting our website, (and maybe still are). In order to be able to do this, we use a variety of sources. You can read below which these are:

1. The personal information that you have received in the framework of this agreement, and your username and password. When you visit our websites, we look at how to you use it. We do this, for example, by the user's IP address to register with us. This is what we do, so, we provide you with personal, relevant offers to be able to do it. You will need to consent to the use of cookies and to comparable technologies, such as javascript.

2. The use of social media, it is depending on your privacy settings on social media sites.


Except for the personal information you provide to us (such as in the cases above), we may collect information using cookies and other similar technologies. It's going to ensure that your information:

Information about the devices you are using to access our website. These include, for example, the unique IDENTIFIER of the data on your phone or tablet, version, information about your operating system, the web browser you are using and the settings of your device.

Information about how and when you use this website. These include, for example, where you have to click on during your online visit, but which are the pages in our website are visited, and time of day in which you do it, and you will eventually be ordered with or to make a reservation.

Social media

We will have to go through to our social media channels, in a meeting with clients and others, about our company, products and/or services. We do this by providing useful and relevant information and/or to answer any questions via social media to come in. We use the internet and social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There may be times when we are over (ii)the record. In this process, we are, of course, is in compliance with this Privacy policy. If you have any questions or comments please contact us. Then, you can get in touch with us on

The security of your information

We'll do our best to get your data out as much as possible safe and secure

· We are investing in our systems, processes and people.

· We will ensure that our work fits in to the sensitive nature of the data.

We train our people to be safe in order to deal with your data.

Your information outside of Europe

Your data outside of Europe to be processed. These are subject to additional rules and regulations. That's because it's not in all of the countries in the strict laws apply, as well as in Europe. If it is necessary to process your data to other companies or entities outside of Europe, we make sure that we work with who are the parties in a separate agreement, which complies with the European standards.

How do we determine how long are your data stored?

We will only keep the data in each of the case, as long as this is necessary for the achievement of the goal. AVG has no specific retention periods for your personal data. Other laws, however, are minimum retention periods are. Then we have that data, or even longer. For example, think of the results as well. It may be that we are able to get involved in a lawsuit or other proceeding. In order to be able to show you what the matter is, we save the data. We are able to have a repository to store until you have a potential claim is time-barred, and we are involved in legal proceedings.

What rights do I have?

Right of objection to direct marketing

If you don't want special offers on our products and services, to receive more and more? You can always unsubscribe. You can do this in any marketing e-mail by clicking on the link below.

Right to lodge a complaint in the profile

Maybe you don't want your data to use it for profiling. Nevertheless, it may be that we can do. For example, in order to manage risk. Of course, we are here at the right. You can always withdraw your consent to the preparation of a personal profile is for direct marketing purposes.

Right of access, rectification, forgotten, restriction,

· You have the right to request a summary of any personal information that we collect from you.

· Correct your information is not it? You can ask us any of your personal information.

· You can ask for your data to be erased. Only, we don't always do it, and we don't always have to be alone. For example, if we are under the law, your data will continue to keep it.

· You can ask us to temporarily use your personal information to a minimum. For example, if you believe that your personal data is accurate, or if we have mistakenly use of your personal data

The right to the portability of your data

Do you want to have the data that you have provided to us and which we in turn be automated to save it for the performance of a contract? This is possible and is called ‘data portability’. If you want to use it, then you can send an e-mail to

Do you have a complaint or something is in the dark?

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this Privacy statement. We will be happy to help you through By this channel, you may also submit a complaint. If you come with us? You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Authority for Personal data protection.

Changes to the Privacy statement

If there are changes in the law or our products and services, which can have implications for the manner in which your personal data is used. In this case, Privacy policy is adjusted, and this will be noted. We encourage you to regularly review the Privacy statement can be read to see if there have been any changes.