ID organics is an organic and environmentally conscious wholesaler, packer, nut burner and chocolatier. They are located in Zaandam. IDorganics purchases its organic raw materials directly from the farmer as much as possible. At IDorganics they process these raw materials themselves in their company in Zaandam: mixing, roasting, roasting and chocolate coating. They also do the packaging there, where they are picked up with the packaging bike from Verpakkings Vrij Vegan for the most environmentally friendly chain.

IDorganics has a fine workforce: a very diverse group of fine employees. So many employees 'with a backpack', for which IDorganics also wants to apply for the certificate as a sheltered workshop. That is also IDorganics: working together as one big family. Building a beautiful company together with beautiful products. This way we can offer you excellent products for a great price!

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