How does it work?

An explanation of how Verpakkings Vrij Vegan works

You can simply use Verpakkings Vrij Vegan as a webshop. You order what you want, we come to you and deliver your groceries. When ordering you can choose from two or three time slots for most of the city, see below which one. You will receive an e-mail the Thursday before the delivery with the time at which we expect to be at your door – within that time slot: in practice we are never more than half an hour earlier or later.

If you order up to and including Wednesday, we will deliver the following Friday or Saturday. If you order Thursday or Friday, it will be the following Friday or Saturday (so a week later). The reason is that some products are kept separate during production and are not packed in plastic. In addition, on Thursday we schedule what time we will be where, so that all customers know exactly what time we are at their door - we are rarely more than 20 minutes early or late.

You can get many products in two variants:

* loose, where you get it delivered in your own storage jars.

* in deposit pots: you first pay €0.50 or €1,- euro extra per pot, which you get back in full when you return the pots. This can be done continuously on the spot, or as a discount on your new order. The soy yoghurt has a longer shelf life as well.

There are also products that are sold individually, such as vegan cheeses and meat successors.

All products, deposit or not, can be ordered online. You can also buy a number of products on site with pin, so without having ordered them. This concerns non-perishable items, especially groceries, but also burgers and bitterballen that are delivered frozen.

You can order immediately upon delivery for the next week or a few weeks away, for example if you are going on holiday or if you need is such. If you do that, you pay everything on delivery. This is how you can make this a subscription : if you order each time for the next week, you get for example soy milk, vegan cheese, and fresh coffee beans every week. If you're not at home, then we search for a possibility to still deliver your groceries. If that does not work out you have to pay the delivery fee and short shelf life products.


Delivery times


De bakfiets van Verpakkings Vrij Vegan komt meestal op vrijdag of soms op zaterdag langs met de door jou bestelde producten.

Tot en met 29 januari kan je zaterdag ook je producten afhalen, dan zonder bezorgkosten. In februari zullen er wel een aantal mogelijkheden zijn om te laten bezorgen.

Hieronder te lezen, hiernaast in de kaart te zien: blauwe gebieden hebben dezelfde tijdslots, groene punten zijn de afhaalpunten. Klik op de punten of gebieden om de tijden te zien. Of lees gewoon verder.


Southeast/Zuidoost / Diemen / Duivendrecht

Delivery Friday 5-7 pm

Pick up service point Michelle Friday 6-6:30 pm

Afhalen hoek Bijlmerdreef / I. Richaardstr. zaterdag 29 jan 16-16:30u

South / Zuid

Delivery Friday 3-5 PM

Delivery Friday 7-9 PM

Delivery Saturday 5:30-6:30 PM

Afhalen Van der Helstplein zaterdag 29 jan 17-17:30u

West / Centrum

Delivery Friday 1-3 pm

Afhalen hoek JP Heijne straat / v Lennepkade zaterdag 29 jan10:45-11:15u

New West (Nieuw West)

Delivery Friday 1-3 pm

Delivery Saturday 9-10 AM

Afhalen Burg Fokstr / Burg De Vlugtstr zaterdag 29 jan 10:00-10:30u


Delivery Friday noon-2 pm

Delivery Friday 7-8 pm

Afhalen Javaplein zaterdag 29 jan14:45-15:15u

Amstelveen / Ouderkerk

Delivery Friday 3-5 PM

North (Noord) - inside A10

Delivery Friday 1-3 pm

Afhalen Zonneplein zaterdag 29 jan 12-12:30u

Rural North (landelijk Noord)

Enkel 2e en 4e zat van de maand, dus 29 januari, 12 en 26 februari.

Afhalen Holysloot zaterdag 29 jan 13:30-14:00u

Bezorgen zaterdag 29 jan,  12 en 26 februari 13:00u-14:30u


Oh, and the black points on the map? Those are our suppliers!


If you're still in another time, would, e-mail us – see what we can do for you.