De nieuwe melkboer

This family produces milk for generations. Where the ancestorwere innovative in the production of cow's milk is also the current generation of the two brothers, Bart and Tom back into the trends of the time. They like to be the work of generations, for their love to continue this, but then in the same way. In 2016, they knew it: a plant!

Step-by-step of his research are going to do, and in 2017, they were our first real harvest in soy in the Twente region of the soil. They will have to do some research in to the potential of the crop, and, in this process of becoming more and more convinced of the potential of soy milk-producing plants. Up with on their own, The soybean, we can continue to build on the foundation of what previous generations have put in.


Since november 2020 the soy drink of Bart and Tom can be found in stores and horeca. The soy is 100% produced in the Netherlands, this makes this a local and sustainable product. In addition to being plant-based product, it also happens to be a tasty and healthy as well. Bart and Tom want to inspire other farmes that a new way of milk is possible.

Together with the consumer, and the other farmers, to build a New Milky Way. The shortest distance from the plant to the customer. Verpakkings Vrij Vegan are happy to help! Do you participate as well?

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