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Steeds meer mensen eten vegetarisch of veganistisch. Ook proberen steeds meer mensen hun afval te reduceren door (plastic) verpakkingen te vermijden. De combinatie blijkt echter dubbel lastig, omdat veel specifiek veganistische producten nergens (plastic) verpakkingsvrij te krijgen zijn. Verpakkings Vrij Vegan vult deze niche. Amsterdammers kunnen veganistische verpakkingsvrije boodschappen bestellen en die wordt per bakfiets thuis afgeleverd in (naar keuze) statiegeld potten of zelfs je eigen potten, pannen en flessen!

More and more often, new products are developed by large corporations, but from the bottom up. In Amsterdam, there are many companies that are innovative, and most environmentally-friendly products. The products, Packaging-Free Vegan are, as far as possible, local and organic produce. The shortest route from the manufacturer to the blackboard, the bike, from the Packing-Free Vegan!

Verapkkings Vrij Vegan does not provide a complete range of products, but also provides for a vegan product, which, elsewhere, little or no plastic) verpakkingsvrij to get your hands on. The products will be as much as may be biological in origin and are locally produced. Hence, there are burgers and cheese, sojadank and soyghurt, tea and a variety of grocery and household items.


Jesse de Wit started in 2020 with the plan to Verpakkings Vrij Vegan as a personal annoyance in his endeavour to do as much as possible to prevent continued to be the main source of waste in the packaging, soy yogurt, and vegan burgers. Both of which are impossible to to buy it without packaging. In 2021 there is plenty of technology, and awareness of the environment and the organisational to find a new solution for this problem. Jesse has been the driving force behind Packing Quite a Vegan, but it gets a lot of help and advice from a lot of other people.


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