Verpakkings Vrij Vegan works at its best as the weekly dairy and coffee box

You can place an one-time order for Verpakkings Vrij Vegan, and leave it at that. Do you want to reduce your waste, your health and and have delicious food permanently? Go for a weekly delivery from Verpakkings Vrij Vegan. This term has been adapted to the shelf life of many products. soy drink, soyghurt, Amsterhammetje and cheese is in the vicinity of the week coffee is freshly branded also at it's best.

You'll begin your subscription simply: make a one-off order, go to our website and the cargo bike delivers those products. You can leave it at that, but you still want to be next week's local delights?

At that point, you can also order it for the next week or so, and with the delivery person present, what time of day is convenient. But how do you know how much pasta or meatballs you have eaten? Luckily, you don't have to order these products, but you only need to do that for the short shelf-life products. For dairy products you usually know how much you eat or drink weekly, so it can be in a fixed order. On the spot, so with the cargo bike, you can decide how much of most of the products you need. So, when we are in front of the door to see what some jars are almost empty and take those with you.

How can I pay? If you shop online, you'll pay via iDeal or crecit card. The time after that you pay by debit card (of credit card) at the cargo boke. If you're not at home, but have placed an order, you will need to pay for the short shelf-life productsay – we normally cannot sell them to somebody else.

If you are not at home, but do you have a garden? You can use a cool box and jars and ready, and then we will deliver the product and we will send for that order a payment link.

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