21 September 2021 By jessedewit 0

We search delivery bikers / sellers!

 Do you already see yourself sitting here? We are looking for delivery bikers / sellers. Do you want to ride the cargo bike through the city, serve customers and contribute to an even better world? Then apply quickly!

Working hours are on Friday or Saturday, roughly 6 hours at a time. For the time being, that is Friday 9-15 h, Friday 15-21 h or Saturday 10-16 h. We are looking for people who work such a shift at least every other week. The start of a shift is in the Delftlandplein neighborhood (Amsterdam South West).
It is a start-up, so you have every opportunity for your own initiative and certainly also to grow. There is also the possibility to become a part-time PR employee.

Contract form is negotiable, but we are thinking of a contract for six months with fixed hours, to be converted into a permanent contract after those six months. In addition to your contribution to an even better world, you will receive a 30% discount on our products and a good hourly wage; this depends on age and experience, but starting at 11 euros per hour.

Mail to info@PackagingVrijVegan.nl and we will contact you within a day.