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Soy drink (per 100ml, to order)

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This product must be ordered and cannot be purchased separately on the cargo bike.

The standard is a barista variant as well, so it foams excellently.

The soy used by De Nieuwe Melkboer comes 100% from the Netherlands, and the soy drink is made weekly at the farm in Enschede and deliverd by the farmer to Verpakkings Vrij Vegan. The soy plant absorbs nitrogen from the air as it grows, so it does not need fertilizer and reduces the nitrogen problem. Besides the fact that this soy drink is a sustainable and vegetable product, it is also tasty and healthy. De Nieuwe Melkboer wants to show and inspire other Dutch farmers that things can also be done differently: plant-based!

We deliver soy drink direct from the farm to your bottle, and it taste good as well!


The dairy in Enschede is currently in the process of transformation to organic and has applied for the SKAL quality mark.

Due to the very intensive soy cultivation in South America, which has a great impact on nature and the living environment, the soybean has acquired a very negative image. Not entirely unjustified, since intensive soy cultivation involves monoculture. This means that the same crop is cultivated over and over again on a piece of land. This, in combination with the use of pesticides, has many negative effects on the environment and the health of the local population. It's a pity! The soy plant is basically a plant that fits well within sustainable food production. Due to the nitrogen binding capacity of the soybean plant, it requires relatively few nutrients from the soil to grow and can therefore grow well without the use of (artificial) fertilizers. It is important that other crops are grown on the land on a regular basis, so that the nutrients in the soil are nicely balanced.

You order the soy drink per 100ml and get it poured into your own bottle on the spot. Given the limited shelf life, pre-ordering is necessary.

Ingredients: water, soybeans, rapeseed oil, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, salt

Nutritional value per 100 gram / ml

Energy 250 kJ / 60 kcal
Protein 3gr
Fat 4gr
of which saturated 0.5gr
salt 0gr
carbohydrates 3.3gr
of which sugar 0.2gr

Data sheet

Sold per:
100gr/ml (about 0.18 pint)
Best before:
4 days from delivery. Provide a well-cleaned bottle, for a longer shelf life you can also disinfect the bottle.
How delivered:

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