Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 These general terms and conditions ("the General Terms and Conditions") apply if you order and / or buy groceries from Verpakkings Vrij Vegan. The General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of our website www.VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl, the orders / reservations that you conclude with us, the products you purchase from our cargo bike and all other services and products that we offer.

1.2 The General Terms and Conditions are the general terms and conditions of Verpakkings Vrij Vega B.V. located at Rijswijkstraat 75, 1062 ER in Amsterdam, registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 82151954 ("Packaging Free Vegan", "we", "we", "us" or "our"). The agreement between you and Verpakkings Vrij Vegan, of which these General Terms and Conditions are part, is governed by Dutch law.

1.3 We can change the General Terms and Conditions. The amended General Terms and Conditions take effect as soon as they have been adjusted online and you place a new order. With a continuous order, these will take effect after you have been informed by us and have had a cooling-off period of four weeks.

 2 Offer

2.1 We offer our products on the website. The current prices are stated with the product at the time of ordering and are also visible on the cargo bike. If the prices of products you order weekly change, we will let you know no later than four weeks before this change takes effect, so that you have time to change your order.

2.2 If an adjusted price applies (an "Promotional Price"), this will be stated on the website and will apply as long as stocks last or as long as the promotional period stated on the website. It may be that additional conditions apply to promotional prices, if this is the case, this is stated on the website. When it is an "OP = OP" promotion, the promotion price applies until the last product is no longer available from stock.

2.3 Call-out costs may be charged when ordering, depending on the total amount you spend.

3 Own account

3.1 Do you want to become a nice customer? Before you can place a weekly or one-time order with Verpakkings Vrij Vegan, you create an account on the website. If you create an account you must be at least 18 years old. It is only allowed to create an account in your own name.

3.2 When creating your account, you provide various personal data. You are responsible for filling in the correct information and for keeping it up-to-date. You can always change your details in your account if something has changed.

3.3 Privacy is important to us! That is why you can assume that we will process your data with care. If you want to know exactly how we do that, you can read this in our Privacy Statement.

3.4 It is important that you keep the login details you choose for your profile secret and for yourself so that your profile cannot be misused. You are responsible for the use of your profile. We are not liable for any form of damage you incur due to, for example, incorrect or unauthorized use of your profile. We may be held liable only in the event that such damage has arisen due to circumstances attributable to us.

4 Agreement

4.1 As soon as you order or reserve groceries, an agreement is concluded with Verpakkings Vrij Vegan. The moment you order, there is also a payment obligation. You will of course receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

4.2 This mapyment obligation does at least apply to the products with a short self life and the call-by charges that apply to that. Those should also be paid if the delivery fails by your fault, for example by not being at home at the arranged time.

4.3 When placing a weekly order, you enter into an agreement every week. You can pause, stop or change this every week via your profile on the website and then "my subscriptions". The order placed in the system on Tuesday at 11:59 pm counts as an agreement and will be delivered Friday / Saturday as described in these conditions. This also means that the part of this order as described in these terms has to be paid and will be digitally collected on Wednesday or Thursday.

5 Delivery

5.1 The Verpakkings Vrij Vegan cargo bike cycles along various districts / cities / villages on a number of half-days. When ordering, you choose a part of the day on which we deliver to your place of residence. It is not possible to have your products delivered on any other day than the available parts of the day for your place of residence. For current parts of the day with the corresponding regional division, please consult our website.

5.2 We will send you an estimated time in advance when we expect to be with you. This can always deviate due to unexpected events and we will try to inform you about this as well as possible. However, we are not liable for a later delivery.

5.3 In case of force majeure, we may not be able to deliver. We will let you know as soon as possible and together we will look for the best solution. You do of course need products that you do not receive through no fault of your own

5.4 You can therefore choose the part of the day and we will let you know the delivery time. We therefore assume that you will not miss us. In the unlikely event that you miss us, unfortunately we will not be able to deliver products to you that week. Due to the packaging-free status of our products, it is not possible to deliver to the neighbors or to put groceries at the door.