We, Verpakkings Vrij Vega B.V. are responsible for the processing of your personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


What are personal data?

 Personal data says something about you. The best-known personal data are name, (email) address, age and date of birth. Your bank account, telephone number and your IP address are also personal data.


On what basis do we process your data?

 We use your data as little as possible and only if we have a legal "basis" for it. These are the following reasons:


* Agreement. We need your information to conclude an agreement, so that we know who has placed an order.

 * Legal obligation. We must record your personal data and keep it for a specific period of time. Other organizations sometimes have to request data. Think of the Tax and Customs Administration or Justice. If necessary, we will provide the information.

 * Legitimate interest of Verpakkings Vrij Vega or other parties. We may use your data if we or one of our partners have a "legitimate interest" in it. This means that we have to weigh this interest against privacy and this can be legally tested if necessary. It's a rather broad and vague provision, so here are a few examples:

 We protect property and data belonging to you, us and others - for example, if there are questions about orders.

 Part of your order is not available anyway, or a purchased product is being recalled.

 We will keep you informed of changes in range, products and / or conditions.

 We want to perform our administration and processes efficiently. We constantly renew our systems, services and production, use other service providers, and perform statistical research. We do this to optimize our services to you. We generally use anonymous data for this.

 We can conduct an investigation or have it carried out whether you are satisfied with our services. Even if you have given feedback or submitted a complaint, we can look at your order and purchase history.

 * Other goals. We may also use the data in exceptions for other purposes than where you gave it to us. This goal must be in line with the purpose for which you have given them, but this is still a bit vague by law.

 - There must be a clear connection with the purpose for which you provided the data

 - It should preferably be less sensitive data.

- It must be to your advantage, or at least not to your disadvantage.

 - We must have done our best to protect your data as well as possible, for example by anonymization or encryption.


Other parties who use your data on our behalf

 In order to provide a good service, we work together with other companies that help us. We are not allowed to just give your data to them. We carefully choose these companies and make clear agreements about how they handle your data and record this in a contract. We remain responsible for your data ourselves.




We would like to inform you about our experiences and (new) products. We do this through the newsletter, among other things. You can sign up for this, both when ordering and separately. When sending this newsletter, we can distinguish between recipients who are or are not customers, who have registered to become a customer when we deliver to their place of residence and for customers also by place of residence. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, at the bottom of each edition sent.


 Let me know when Verpakkings Vrij Vegan delivers at my residence

At the frequently asked questions you can sign up to be kept informed if we are also delivered to your place of residence. If you do not sign up for anything else, you will only be notified if this is the case and you will not receive any further information from us. Do you not want to be kept informed anymore? You can unsubscribe by emailing info@VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl


 Use of your data for direct marketing

 We would like to inform you about our products and about similar products and services that we offer that suit you as well as possible. We also do this if you visit our website (and you may not be a customer yet). To do this properly, we use different sources. You can read below which they are:

 1. The personal data we have received from you in the context of the agreement and your account. When you visit our website, we check how you use it. We do this, for example, by registering your IP address. We do this so that we can make you personally relevant offers. You must then have agreed to the use of cookies and comparable techniques such as javascripts.

 2. The use of social media depends on your privacy settings on the various social media sites.



 In addition to the personal data that you provide to us yourself (such as the things above), we also collect data with cookies and similar techniques. It concerns these data:

 Information about the devices you use to visit our website. This concerns, for example, the unique ID information of your telephone or tablet, version information about your operating system, the browser you use and settings of your device.

 Information about how you use the website. This concerns, for example, which clicks you place during your visit, but also which pages within our domain you visit and the time at which you do so and the products that you ultimately have delivered.


 Social media

 Via our social media channels we enter into discussions with customers and visitors to the website about our organization, products and / or services. We do this to provide useful and relevant information and / or answer questions that come in via social media. We use the internet and social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for this. It is of course possible that we record (personal) data. We will of course process these in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Do you have any questions or comments? Then you can contact us via info@VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl.


Security of your data

 We do our utmost to protect your data as much as possible:

  •  We invest in our systems, procedures and people.
  •  We ensure that our way of working matches the sensitivity of the data.
  •  We train our people to handle your data safely.


Your data outside of Europe

 Your data can also be processed outside of Europe. Additional rules apply for this. This is because not all countries have the same strict privacy laws as in Europe. If it is necessary to pass on your data to other companies or authorities outside of Europe, we will ensure that we have concluded a separate agreement with those parties that complies with European standards.


How do we determine how long we keep your data?

 We keep data in any case for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose. The GDPR has no concrete retention periods for personal data. In other laws there may be minimum retention periods. Then we also have to keep that data for that long. Consider, for example, tax legislation. We may become involved in a lawsuit or other proceeding. We store data in order to be able to demonstrate how the case works. We can keep it in an archive until a possible claim has expired and we can no longer be involved in a procedure.


What rights do I have?

 Right of objection for direct marketing

 Do you no longer want to receive offers for our products and services? Then you can always unsubscribe for this. You can do this with every marketing e-mail by clicking on the relevant link.

 Right to object to profiling

 You may not want us to use your data for profiling. Yet we are sometimes allowed to do so. For example to manage risks. Of course we adhere to the law. You can always object to the creation of a personalized profile for direct marketing purposes.

 Access, rectification, oblivion, limitation

 You have the right to request an overview of your personal data that we use.

 Are your details incorrect? Then you can ask us to change your details.

 You can always ask us to delete your data. We just can't always do this and we don't always have to allow it. For example, if we have to keep your data longer on the basis of the law.

 You can also ask us to temporarily limit the use of your personal data. This is possible, for example, if you think that your personal data is incorrect, or if we make incorrect use of your personal data

 Right to portability of your data

 do you want the data that you have given us and that we automatically store for the execution of an agreement? This is possible and is called "data portability". If you want to use this, you can send an email to info@VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl.


Do you have a complaint or is something unclear?

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Privacy Statement. We are happy to help you via info@VerpakkingsVrijVegan.nl. You can also submit a complaint via that channel. Are you unable to work it out with us? You also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Changes to the Privacy Statement

If changes occur in the law or in our services and products, these may have consequences for the way in which we use your personal data. In that case, the Privacy Statement will be adjusted and this will be stated.