Wilder-Land is convinced that we must move towards an economy where “recovery” is central. Because we are still exhausting the earth. You can grow most herbal teas that we drink in the Netherlands. Yet almost all herbal teas in the shops come from abroad, often even from outside Europe. So why not get started with this in the Netherlands? This saves many kilometers of transport, is good for our Dutch nature and produces delicious tea. Win-win-win!


By sowing (un) herbs on the edges of fields and meadows, we create opportunities for life, such as bees and butterflies. In this way, we restore biodiversity in the Netherlands together with farmers. The more herbs we sow at farmers, the more bees and birds return to the Netherlands. In the meantime, you enjoy the tastiest tea. We only work with herbs that grow in the Dutch landscape. A few examples are chamomile, nettle, plantain, dandelion, yarrow, cornflower and many more. All herbs that are healthy for people and nature.

Most of the herbs come from the Netherlands, but unfortunately not all. At the moment, the production of Wilder-Land itself is not yet high enough to sell herbs from their own harvest all year round. That is why they also buy a part, as much as possible from the Netherlands and in any case from Europe.

Wilder-Land shows that a quality product and nature restoration go very well together. That makes the earth better.


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