Meet Jack

We know many people are looking to eat less meat. There seems to be an endless wave of new products that dream of becoming a famous meat alternative. And yet, the casting for a plant-based ingredient that can truly satisfy carnivorous cravings is still going on!


In Haarlem Meet Jack produces delicious meat replacements from young jackfruit. Jackfruit is the biggest and meatiest textured fruit in the world. It grows very quickly, needs very little water, and does not require pesticides or chemicals. If you mix it with the right spices, it has the power to please meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Jackfruit trees can produce an impressive 200 jackfruits per year. The more jackfruit you pick from the tree, the more that grows. Currently 1/3 of jackfruit goes uneaten which causes farmers to cut down trees. By getting people to eat more jackfruit we help farmers monetize the crop. In turn, jackfruit trees revitalize groundwater, contributing to reforestation and agroforestry efforts in the area. That is why jackfruit is considered a climate-smart crop.

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Meet Jack

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