De nieuwe melkboer

For generations, milk has been produced by this family. Where the ancestors back then already went with the times by producing cow's milk, the current generation, the brothers Bart and Tom, are also responding to the developments of this time. They want to continue the work of the generations for them, but in our way. In 2016 they knew; vegetable!

Step by step they started researching, and in 2017 they brought in our first real harvest; soy from Twente soil. They have studied the possibilities of this crop, and in this process became more and more convinced of the possibilities of soy as a milk-producing crop. With their own Dutch soy, we can continue to build on the foundation that the generations have laid for them.


The soy drink has been available since November 2020. The soy they use comes 100% from the Netherlands, which makes our soy drink a local product. Besides the fact that our soy drink is a sustainable and vegetable product, it is also tasty and healthy. They want to show and inspire other Dutch farmers that things can also be done differently; vegetable!

Together with consumers and other Dutch farmers, De Nieuwe Melkboer is building an entirely new galaxy. The shortest route from plant to customer. Packaging Free Vegan is happy to contribute to this! Are you also participating?

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De nieuwe melkboer

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